I never officially posted my Pitch on here, originally it was the Birthday trip to American Apparel with my Ali the Weiner dog to pick out, try on and buy a sweater….. I was shut down by American Apparel and forced to use footage of our annual Birthday party for Ali, including cake, balloons, candles and… you guessed it…. Presents AKA the sweater.

SOO the new video is going to be Ali’s personal VLOG. On her birthday.

Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots

Shot numero uno- Ali Everyday life, “Wakey, Wakey” (Laying on bed) Master shot, secondary motion, zoom
Shot 2- FOOD-Close up, ground level

Shot 3-Ali Everyday Life (Laying on floor) Master shot, secondary motion, zoom

Shot 4- Ali Everyday Life (Laying on Couch) Medium, zoom out

Shot 5- WALKIES – Close up, ground level
Shot 6- Birthday- Medium
Shot 7- Birthday Muffin- close up, ground level
Shot 8- Candles- close up
Shot 9-Birthday Present- close up, medium